E-Commerce Photography – Birmingham

Cafe Music BGM

Welcome to my portfolio of e-commerce photography. My name is Otis and I am a freelance photographer based in Birmingham, UK. This page displays selected photographs from two separate shoots. I use a full-frame camera, two flashguns and a light box to create bright and sharp results. I can travel to location or have products delivered to my home.

I hold a BA Degree in Photography, 2:1; can be shown upon request. I have six years experience, beginning in 2013; Level 3 in Art & Design. My website displays other freelance work such as photojournalism and property photography.

Standard day rate – £100

Shoot example – The shoot below contained 200 products; 4 final photographs per item (800 photographs). The work consisted of fourteen working days to photograph, post-process and return the files to the company.


Thank you for viewing my e-commerce portfolio,
please contact me if you’re interested in my services.